Warranty Logbook Services

Stamped logbook

Quality Parts &Oils Used

This will not affect your statutory warranty

Minor service:

Oil filter and Oil change

Check under Bonnet & Top up of fluids

Brake & Safety check

Major service:

Oil filter and Oil change

Replace Airfilter

Brake Fliud change

Replace Spark plugs

Replace Fuel Filter

Replace Coolant

Brakes safety check

Under the Bonnet check & Top up

Check cooling system

Engine Diagnostic Scan& Fault code analysts

We recommend this service be done at 100,000kms


Oil,Filter and Oil change

Air Filter

Fuel Filter

Cabin Filter

Throttle body clean

Fuel Injectors service

Replace Brake Fliud

Replace CoolantReplace Sparkplugs

Safety check on Brakes

Under Bonnet check &Top ups

Check Cooling/heating systems

Diagnostic scan & Fault code analysts

Throttle Body Clean

Service a fuel Injectors

Safety Report